It’s not everyday that you think about gutters, but that doesn’t mean they are unimportant. In fact, gutters are often one of those necessary parts of your house that too often get neglected. But if you want to keep your whole house in good repair, checking your gutters and having them cleaned should show up on your to-do list every year. 

Gutters protect your home from water damage, rot, decay, and pest infestation. And if your gutters are packed with dirt, leaves, and debris, they won’t function properly or protect your house as intended. Regular gutter cleaning will ensure that your gutters operate as designed, and a professional gutter cleaning service will also discover and detect any damage to your gutters that requires repair. If you’re looking for a gutter cleaning service, don’t just hire anyone: find a quality company. Here are four signs to look for.

1. Does the Company Provide Free Estimates?

A reputable and professional company won’t charge for estimates. If it does, it should immediately raise a red flag.  A company that has confidence in its ability to earn your business does not need to charge money upfront. Instead, it is willing to invest time and energy in developing a relationship with you built on the quality of its work and on its reputation. You can also feel confident that they are not going to give you a low-ball bid just to win your business (after you have already paid for the estimate) only to nickel and dime you with additional items or “unexpected” tasks that will get added on to your bill later.

At Precision Gutters, we offer free estimates. Simply give us a call, and we will be in touch with you to find out a mutually convenient time to come out for a site visit. 

2. Do the Technicians Pay Attention to Details?

Gutter cleaning can be a pretty dirty business, and professionals will take the time and effort necessary to prepare the area properly before actually getting to the cleaning part of the job. They will make sure the gutter debris does not end up all over your yard, and make sure any mess they create will be fully cleaned up after the job is complete. 

After all, the whole process should make your home look better, not worse. You should never have to clean up after a professional company or contractor: your gutters, yard, roof, and lawn should be in prime condition once the job is complete.

3. Is the Company Fully Insured?

Always beware of a company that doesn’t carry a full liability insurance policy, and don’t hesitate to ask about it. In fact, make sure it is in your contract. Climbing up on wet roofs and ladders presents real risks to a worker’s safety, so you want to make sure that the company you hire shoulders that risk–not you. You should not hesitate to ask, either, if the workers will use necessary safety equipment and practices. That last thing you want is to bear the cost if one of the workers sustains an injury while on your property.

4. Does the Company Have Good Reviews?

Customers who are happy with a company’s work will leave good reviews. But don’t let a negative review rule out a company. The fact is, even the best companies can receive some negative reviews. If there is a mix, use your judgment: are the negative reviews about something that matters, and are there a lot of them? Don’t just look at the number of stars, unless it is clear that a company is a true bad apple. Read reviews with discernment, and if you see a trending concern or complaint among customers, you can feel pretty comfortable in avoiding that company.

At Precision Gutters, we know that the success of our business depends on providing reliable, cost-effective, and quality service to our customers. We know we can only earn your business if you have confidence in our ability to provide value to you. That is why we carry full liability insurance, and are fully compliant with all Idaho Workers Compensation requirements. 

If you’ve never had your gutters cleaned and don’t want to spend your time trying to DIY the project, you don’t have to. Our experts will clean out the inside of your gutters so that they function optimally and then clean the outside so they look as good as new. Contact us today at Precision Gutters CDA to get your free estimate and schedule your gutter cleaning appointment.