Maintaining high-quality gutters is essential for protecting your home. Gutters that are old, out of repair, or poorly maintained can cause serious damage to the structure of your house. 

Gutter guards are the best way to protect your gutters, reduce or even eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, and protect your roof and foundation. At Precision Gutters & Roofing, we use the best, and that’s Champion Gutter Guards.

How It Works

We place durable stainless-steel mesh on a one-piece aluminum frame on your gutters. This frame can be added to new gutters as you have them installed or can be placed on your existing gutters. The frame itself doesn’t interface with your roof, so there’s no need to put any holes in the structure and thus no risk of roof damage or voiding your roof’s warranty.

The mesh captures debris before it can get into your gutters, and the holes in the Champion Gutter Guard mesh are so small that no debris can get through. At the same time, water flow is unrestricted. Water running off your roof will continue to flow through the gutters as designed, without overshooting or getting slowed down.

Why We Love It

There are a few reasons we provide Champion Gutter Guards among our quality gutter and roofing services:


  • Champion guarantees that if your gutters ever get clogged up from the debris, they will not only refund your purchase but also pay to fix the problem.


  • For gutters without guards, cleaning is a semi-yearly ritual. Uncovered gutters that don’t get cleaned will clog, overflow, sag and pull at the roof. Bad gutters can cause roof damage and even foundation damage since water running off the roof isn’t being shuttled away from the foundation as it should.

Cleaning gutters is a pain to do on your own and can even be dangerous if your home is large, you don’t have the right tools, or you aren’t experienced. If your gutters aren’t covered, you should be scheduling regular cleanings: but with Champion Gutter Guards, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.


  • Champion is a proudly-American brand. We love being able to offer a product that supports the national economy, promotes American ingenuity and independence, and is made where we know manufacturing processes follow strict environmental standards, ensuring a cleaner environment for the next generation.

About Our Gutter Services

Precision Gutters & Roofing is a family-owned, community-invested company. We know we thrive when our customers are satisfied, and you can expect fast service, within budget, and a perfectly clean area when we’re done. We provide gutter installation, maintenance,  and cleaning. If you don’t yet have gutter guards or aren’t happy with the ones you have, we can quickly get Champion Gutter Guards in place.

We’re not just gutter experts: we’re roofing experts, too. That means we understand exactly how the gutters affect your roofing and vice versa. We know how to deal with gutters in a way that protects your roof and can recommend gutters that are best for your existing structure.

Whatever your gutter needs, get in touch with us at Precision Gutter & Roofing to get it taken care of right.