For most people, a perfect Saturday doesn’t involve climbing up on the roof and cleaning out the gutters. So it’s a good thing that you can hire a company to do that work for you. Even more, a job that would take you many hours to do can be done quickly, easily, and professionally by a company that has the right equipment and manpower.

You may not think much about the state of your gutters, but clean gutters are essential to the maintenance of your home. Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems that, in the end, will cost a lot more to repair than hiring a company to clean your gutters regularly. When you trust a professional service to clean your gutters, you can rest assured that, with this one preventative maintenance task, you’re investing wisely in your home.

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Professionals Will Use the Right Products

People often attempt to clean their own gutters by climbing onto the roof with a leaf blower or maybe even a hose or pressure washer, and they may use harsh chemicals or homemade concoctions. It can be a very messy job, and an even messier job to clean up afterward.

Professionals, on the other hand, know what equipment and products to use to make sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned, and in a way that won’t damage your gutters, roof, drains, house, or landscaping.

Professionals Will Notice Gutter Problems

Another benefit of professional gutter cleaning is that your cleaning technicians are experienced professionals, who will be able to identify and report any problems they find. If you have a loose or weak joint, they’ll notice it. They will provide you with details about the state of your gutters, and can inform you about what you need to do to repair any problems. Their insight can help to make sure that a small problem for your gutter now does not become a big problem for your house later.

Gutter Cleaning Is Preventative

Clogged gutters can cause several types of problems. They make a perfect home for many different kinds of pests, including rodents, insects, and birds. When sticks, dirt, debris, and leaves–or even worse, growing plants–fill your gutters, they transform from a protective feature of your home into a welcoming habitat for pests and problems. When you schedule regular cleaning appointments, you won’t have to worry about birds, mice, or bugs infesting your gutters or, even worse, your house.

By efficiently shedding water off your roof and channeling it away from your home, clean gutters can prevent water damage to your basement, foundation, and even your landscaping. When water can flow freely through clean gutters and drains, your gutter system controls where it flows. Conversely, when gutters are clogged or damaged, water will go wherever gravity takes it, even if that is into your attic, underneath your siding, or below your foundation. Regular gutter maintenance can prevent serious problems that can affect the stability, durability, and value of your home.

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