How Long Does It Take to Install a New Roof?

Keeping your roof in good repair is one of the primary ways you can maintain the life of your home. Since unexpected storms can severely damage homes with aging roofs, make sure you have your roof replaced when you see signs of decay. If you are considering local roof installation companies and debating taking the plunge, here’s what you should expect.

When it comes to installation, a standard roof on a home of 3,000sq ft or less can be completed in a day. In special cases, such as roofs that have unique features, are very large, or depending on the weather, it can possibly take 3 to 5 days or longer. 

Precision Gutters and Roofing can provide you with a completion timeline and a price for materials and labor when we come out to give you a quote. Here are some things to consider regarding the length of the project.

Factors Impacting Replacement Time:

Roof Complexity

The fancier a roof looks, the longer it will take to replace. For example, multiple angles and numerous facets will require additional measurements and materials. Precision Gutters possess the craftsmanship needed to complete even the most complex jobs. 

Roof Pitch

The steepness and severity of the roof pitch is also a factor that impacts how long your roof installation will take. Roofs with a steeper pitch require careful navigation and safety measures including safety equipment such as harnesses and lines to move with precaution. Our installation technicians come prepared with the correct equipment and the know-how to maneuver around roofs that have steep pitches. 

Roof Accessibility

Roof accessibility can play a part in the overall project. Since your old roof will be removed and put into a dump truck, and the materials for the new roof must be transported, access issues can significantly slow a project.

For example, landscape features can make your roof hard to access, as can fences. A lack of paved services near the roof’s access point can slow down your team. The more time installers spend navigating or accessing your roof, the longer a replacement will take. 


In Idaho, weather conditions can significantly affect how quickly your roof can be replaced. For example, technicians cannot complete an installation in snow, rain, or temperatures below freezing. Alternatively, on days with a heat warning, most roofs will be far too hot to replace unless your home is shielded by trees.

Time of Year

Days with a longer window of daylight make it easier to complete an installation in a single day. On a task as critical to your home’s longevity as roof replacement, the last thing you want is the installers working with limited visibility.

Precision Gutters and Roofing: Your Local Roof Installation Company

If you’re ready to replace your roof or want a quote so you can plan for the future, our skilled team is here to help. We are Idaho licensed and have a track record of installing quality roofs at fair prices.

Don’t put off replacing your roof; the condition of your home depends on it. Give Precision Gutters and Roofing a call today, and let us install a roof you can count on for decades.