If your home’s roof is starting to show signs of wear, and you’ve found yourself searching “roof replacement near me” online, it’s time to consider having a new roof installed on your home. Putting off having your roof replaced can put your home at risk for problems ranging from water intrusion to foundation damage. Since many issues that arise from an aged roof are expensive to repair, investing in a new roof can be a wise financial move.

If your home requires a new roof, replacing it will increase its value, regardless of the material used. How much your home’s value increases will depend on the current condition of your roof and the materials used for the replacement. Homeowners looking to sell their homes in the near future may want to compare the cost of their replacement roof to the predicted value increase to help guide their purchase.

However, homeowners who plan on being in their home long term may place more importance on longevity when choosing a roofing material. If you’re looking to maximize the value of your home when having your roof replaced, here are two types of roofs you’ll want to consider:

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is a good choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to improve their home’s protection from the elements and increase their home’s worth. The modern asphalt shingles used on roofs have been made more durable due to advancements in material and installation techniques. In addition, individual shingles can be replaced as necessary, making these roofs simple to fix since sections can be repaired without replacing the entire roof.

The 2022 Cost Vs. Value Report performed by Zonda found that replacing an existing roof with a new asphalt shingle roof provided homeowners a 60% return on their investment. Asphalt shingle roofing is a solid option for homeowners who need to replace their roofs and want the most significant return on their investment.

Metal Roofing

Homeowners looking for a low-maintenance roofing material will appreciate the minimal effort it takes to keep a metal roof in good shape. Metal roofs are also long-lasting, and it isn’t unusual to see metal roofs with warranties that last for decades. Like asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs come in various colors, allowing you to match your roof to your home’s current aesthetic.

Zonda’s 2022 Cost Vs. Value Report found the return on investment for metal roofs to be slightly below that of asphalt shingle roofs. On average, homeowners received a 55% return on their investment.

Don’t Forget: Curb Appeal Counts

When selecting a roof to increase your home’s value, you’ll also want to take the style of your home and its location into account. Since a roof can make or break a home’s curb appeal, the roof you choose must suit your home’s architecture. You’ll also want to ensure your selected color works with your home and landscaping.

Stop Looking for “Roof Replacement Near Me”

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