Gutters take a lot of abuse, and that’s their purpose. Seamless gutters are the “advanced technology” of the gutter world, offering better performance with fewer maintenance requirements. Best of all, seamless gutters last longer than regular gutters, giving everyone a good reason to start a “seamless rain gutter installers near me” search right away.

Most gutters can easily go 20 years with the right maintenance and care, but seamless gutters can last longer. More crucially, where regular gutters will only get to 20 years with some pretty intensive care and maintenance, seamless gutters require a lot less upkeep, meaning they are much more likely to reach their full lifespan than your average gutter system.

The Problem With Regular Gutters

Regular gutters are made in short sections which are then put together to form one long gutter. This design used to be the ideal way to produce gutters to cover a wide variety of home sizes and shapes. But modern production techniques are making them obsolete. The problem with these gutters is that you need a seam or joint to connect each piece and that connection has to be properly sealed. While the gutters themselves can last decades, gutter sealant only lasts about five years before it needs to be resealed.

What’s more, regular gutters require constant cleaning and patching. If you allow dirt, leaves, and debris to build up in your gutter, that buildup will affect the seams and cause them to degrade more quickly. And once a seam starts to degrade, the joint can slip slightly, allowing one side of the gutter to fall. Even if that fall is only a few centimeters, a tiny “lip” is created where the seams no longer perfectly join. Even more dirt, debris, and leaves will collect against this lip, and the problem snowballs.

The Seamless Gutter Advantage

Because there are no seams or sections in these gutters, no sealant is required. There’s nothing to degrade faster than the gutters themselves, and there are no spots that are especially susceptible to leaking or debris collection. Thus seamless gutters are much more durable, even without the same level of maintenance that you give to regular gutters.

Other Benefits of Going Seamless

As mentioned, seamless gutters are also much lower maintenance, which saves you money, time, and effort over the years. Without seams, these gutters are also much less susceptible to leaking, which protects your home’s foundation from dripping water and protects your roof from the sagging that can happen when seamed gutters begin to come apart.

That sagging also affects your curb appeal, so, not surprisingly, seamless gutters make your home look sharper. You can also get them in a variety of colors and material choices, allowing you to match your gutters perfectly to the look of your home.

Time to Search “Seamless Rain Gutter Installers Near Me”

There’s no reason not to go seamless these days, so whether your gutters are due for an upgrade or you simply want to replace them with something that looks and performs better and lasts longer, now is a good time to look into seamless gutters. Contact the professionals at Precision Gutters & Roofing to learn more.